Xi Jinping Authorized Strategic Deployment Of PLA’s Rocket Force In Russia

One year after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, while the whole world is still discussing the potential lethal weapon supply of PRC to Russia. Miles Guo broke the News that Xi Jinping has authorized military strategic deployment in Russia. On March 1st, 2023 Beijing time, the first batch of PLA’s Rocket Force has crossed the China-Russia border, directly participating in Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

The PLA’s Rocket Force, formerly known as the Second Artillery Corps (SAC), was proposed in 1956 by Qian Xuesen, the first generation of CCP’s talent program, educated in the United States. Xi Jinping changed the name back after the 18th National Congress and focused on building an integrated missile force for space, sky and land, and the tactical balloons that have recently been under discussion for intruding the airspace of various countries are part of this force.

With substantial material, technical and economic support from the CCP or specifically from Xi Jinping, including helping Russia bypass Western sanctions and resell its oil and gas, Putin was able to keep the war of aggression in Ukraine going for a year. Given its dependence on the industrial chain in China, the greed of Western capital, and the longstanding infiltration of the CCP in the United States, the United States and its allies have turned a blind eye to Beijing’s assistance to Moscow and failed to impose effective sanctions as deterrence.

Thus just over the one year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, Xi made his stance by secretly sending PLA direct into the Russia-Ukraine theater to assist Putin against the West, which once again reflects the failure of all Western intelligence agencies.

Miles concluded that from this day forward, everything is going to change. Russia will face dissolution, communism will be regarded as terrorism worldwide, and in the near future the CCP will cease to exist.

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