The CCP Are Running Secret Police Forces In Athens

Konstantinos Bogdanos, president of the Patriotic Force for Change (PATRIDA) and an independent MP representing Athens, has raised the alarm regarding the operation of the secret CCP run police station in Greece’s capital, Athens, the Greek City Times reported that Bogdanos discussed the existence of Communist China’s secret police in a shop in Athens, which he then raised in Parliament, and this question has yet to be answered.

Earlier, in December 2022, journalist Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed that the CCP had a special unit of secret police working in Athens to detain people from mainland China. The CCP secret police search for, threaten, and extort Chinese people living in Athens, forcing them to return to Communist China. There is a branch of the CCP police department on Agesilaou Street in the center of Athens. The building has a storefront, a so-called service office for Chinese citizens. Those who hold different political views from the CCP are intimidated, kidnapped, and forcibly transferred back to mainland China, the report stated, the Hellenic Police are conducting a thorough long-term investigation into this CCP run department.

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