McCarthy’s Visit To Taiwan May Lead To Xi’s Frantic Counterattack

On February 26, Miles Guo said during the Grand Live Broadcast that Xi Jinping would definitely take action on Kevin McCarthy’s visit to Taiwan. Unlike Nancy Pelosi’s visit, who is in her final days as U.S. House speaker, the newly elected Speaker McCarthy’s visit to Taiwan will pose a threat to Xi Jinping’s authority domestically and within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Xi would never tolerate his visit, and definitely take action to deter it. If Speaker McCarthy visits Taiwan, Xi would directly provide Russia with high-end suicide UAVs, and Rainbow series of UAVs that can carry highly sophisticated weapons as a retaliation. Not to mention the Chinese regime has been supplying Russia with large quantities of weapons and supplies even before Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Moreover, the CCP has already established a strategic coordination center in Vladivostok, and McCarthy’s visit to Taiwan will give Xi a better excuse to support Russia by providing a large number of sophisticated weapons, especially independent communication systems, UAVs, unmanned weapons, and long-range missiles which Russia now desperately needs, such as the Dongfeng series missiles, of which the CCP has tens of millions in stock. Furthermore, the CCP would use McCarthy’s visit to Taiwan as an excuse to launch military operations to deliberately cause trouble, including using high-altitude balloons to threaten U.S. military bases and fleets and even attacking U.S. frigates with Unmanned Surface Vehicles and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

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