“Say No To Evil” Protests Entering Local Communities

On February 25th, the peaceful protest by the citizens of the New Federal State of China ( NFSC) against Paul Hastings, O’Melveny & Meyers, and their attorneys who colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to persecute oversea Chinese dissidents on the U.S. soil has entered its 98th day. In front of the upscale Manhattan apartment of Stuart Sarnoff, a partner of O’Melveny & Meyers, Rainer, a fellow fighter, narrated his experience of being invited to give a speech in a local community. Rainer said that many locals have gone from watching, to being curious, to interacting and understanding the protests. They are moved by the fellow fighters’ spirit of perseverance against all odds for months.

An elderly lady who had personally experienced the dictatorship of the former Soviet Union had a deep understanding of the evil of communism. The least thing she wants to see is this country she escaped being turned into a socialist country by the People’s Republic of China. As a result she sincerely invited Rainer to give speeches at her local community. Rainer accepted the invitation and took it seriously, with prepared materials and a formal outfit, presenting the image of the new Chinese of the NFSC.

From the CCP-virus(COVID-19) to the experimental vaccine, from the CCP’s dictatorial system to its comprehensive infiltration of the West particularly the United States, the robust information shocked the audiences, which shows that there is much more we can do to wake up the American public.

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