Florida DOH Announced a 17 Times Surge in Vaccine Adverse Events

On February 15, the Florida Department of Health, issued an announcement that since the start of the promotion of the Chinese Communist Party virus, or in short, CCP virus vaccine, the number of adverse effects of vaccination reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, VAERS, has soared.

According to the announcement, the number of reported cases in 2021 reached 41,473, which was 16.82 times in 2020. During the same period, while the overall number of vaccinations increased by 4 times, the number of reported cases of “life-threatening” also increased by 4.4 times, marking a record high. By 2022, as the number of CCP virus vaccine injections decreased, the number of cases reporting adverse reactions to vaccines dropped to 9,104, but the total number is still 3.67 times that of previous years.

The Florida DOH reminded the public that according to the research report, the injection of the mRNA CCP virus vaccine may cause the following adverse reactions: coagulation disorder, acute heart injury, Bell’s paralysis, encephalitis, acute cardiac arrest, other acute cardiac events, thromboembolism, thrombocytopenia and other lesions. Accordingly, the DOH reminds health care practitioners in the state, all the risks associated with CCP virus vaccines must be accurately communicated to patients.

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