China’s Massive Capital Flight Indicates CCP Is Ready For War With The West

In his GETTR post on February 17th, Miles Guo talked about China’s current massive capital flight and outflow of Chinese people, as well as the CCP’s spy balloons in Ukraine, which makes the West finally realize that the CCP might go to war with them at any time.

Recently, the chaos in Communist China is frequent. The internal turmoil in the financial sector has also intensified, in the name of anti-corruption, Xi Jinping and his loyalists having been harvesting capital, and removing his political opponents in the financial system; meanwhile, internationally, the CCP keeps exporting its cheap unrestricted warfare weapons to all of its evil alliance countries. Along with the sighting of CCP’s spy balloons in North America and Japan, the West has begun to realize that what Miles Guo has been warning them about is coming at an accelerated pace.

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