Russia Obtains Military-Critical Products from China to Bypass West Sanctionst

According to the report, according to Russian customs data, more than 84,000 batches of goods subject to Western sanctions have been identified, involving more than a dozen Russian and Chinese companies. In addition, industry insiders pointed out that “reliable” global trade data shows that the CCP sends military parts to sanctioned Russian defense companies, and records show that these companies directly used these parts for the Russia-Ukraine war. “

The Chinese private company Xinnuo Electronics Co., Ltd. has been sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for allegedly purchasing prohibited items for the Russian Ministry of Defense. Between April and October last year, the company sent more than 1,300 shipments worth more than $2 million. As a result, the company was placed on the trade block list by the US government in June 2022 for allegedly supporting Russia’s military and defense industrial base.

China’s DJI has continued to export quadcopters to Russia despite sanctions and export controls imposed by Western countries. Some drones were delivered directly to Russian distributors by Chinese retailers, while other DJI quadcopters were trans-shipped via the United Arab Emirates.

While Russia can produce most of its major military supplies domestically, many important products, such as semiconductors, remain heavily reliant on imports. Many export-controlled products are still in circulation in countries such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In a Gettr video on February 6, Mile Guo mentioned that since the first day of the Russia-Ukraine War, Communist China and Russia have been together. It is not about whether or not the CCP supports Russia. They are on the same side.

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