Many Americans Heard ‘Take Down the CCP’ Song And Come to Learn the Content of Our Protest

Jane: Just now, there were three little girls who could be identified as Americans at first glance. They came across the street, behind us is Capitol Hill while in front of us is the Supreme Court. They ran to us from the Supreme Court after hearing our song “Take down the CCP”, they asked us what we were doing here, we handed them some leaflets and explained some details.

Because when people read the words ‘DOJ, CCP’, they really have no idea what’s going on. They do not know what we are doing. Right, then we told them how GTV was shut down. Our money was held by SEC and GTV investors in China were killed or disappeared.

It is said that America is a country with free voices. But have you ever heard that your media was shut down and its investors were all arrested? We invested our hard-earned money in this platform, I asked if they knew what’s the sole purpose of our platform. It’s to take down the CCP.

Wow, the three little girls had their eyes wide open. Wow, yes, you are doing the right thing! Billy: Yes, and while we were communicating with the police on the Congress side, they specifically asked us a question: How much power is the speaker you are using?” They have a limit on the power but our speaker meets their spec and is allowed. And we are playing the song “Take down the CCP” on the speaker. Once the foreigners hear this rhythm, they are eager to know what has really happened to us.

For example, why are the words of SEC, DOJ and ‘Take down the CCP’ put together? What kind of a story is there behind it? So many people came over because they were very curious, then we spread the truth to them. We told them it is a racism against Asian investors, specifically, the racism against our GTV investors. As we all know racism is a very sensitive topic in the U.S. As for the topic of racism against Asians, we could actually see some reports on news from time to time.

In summary, based on the way how SEC treated GTV investors, we conclude it is not just non-refunding or killing for money but also a blatant Racism against Asians.

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