The CCP’s Politicization of Food Issues can’t Solve Real Problems

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media reported on February 5 that the National Cooperative for Supply and Marketing (NCSM) had issued a notice demanding the whole system to firmly take up the political responsibility of ensuring the supply of agricultural materials, guaranteeing a stable supply of fertilizers and medicines for the spring agrarian production in 2023, and laying the foundation for a good summer grain harvest. After the 20th Congress of the party, supply and marketing cooperatives(SMC) rose rapidly across the country. At the end of 2022, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives issued a recruitment notice for civil servants, and 50,000 SMCs were launched in rural areas of China, where SMCs will make the acquisition and sale of agricultural products. The CCP’s NSMC, which has long been obsoleted, has been reintroduced by Xi Jinping, to set Communist China back to the era of the planned economy. The NSMC issued an instruction within the SMC system that the agricultural material issue facing the upcoming spring planting in 2023 has been raised to a political level, and the already marketed agricultural material products have been redistributed under control. However, the NSMC only mentioned the stable supply of “fertilizer and medicine” but not a word about the supply of “seeds.” In 2022, the CCP’s Zero-Covid policy delayed spring plowing in many parts of China, adding to the already severe food shortage. In 2023, the massive death caused by toxic vaccines will result in a more severe spring planting season due to workforce shortage. The political purpose of the CCP’s SMC system to ensure the supply of agricultural materials for this year’s spring plowing is much more important than its ability to solve the actual food crisis. Its vigorous propaganda to ensure spring farming is precisely a cover-up of the food crisis in Communist China.

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