Fellow Fighters on the Front Line of Montreal Protests Face Threats from the CCP

On February 5th, according to comprehensive reports from Gettr, the people of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) who are protesting against the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP) spy Jian’ao Yang in Montreal, Canada, in addition to facing daily surveillance and photographing by the CCP spies, have recently been subjected to a series of life-threatening from this authoritarian criminal regime. By the end of January, several protesters from the NFSC were trapped in the elevator in the hotel due to malfunction, according to the hotel manager they had never experienced two elevators malfunctioning at the same time. Fellow fighters were aware of the CCP’s capabilities of hacking into facilities and for safety concerns, they moved to another hotel. In the afternoon of Feb. 2nd, the second hotel sounded a fire alarm. After talking to the manager, they found that the previous fire alarm was triggered back in 2014 and it’s highly highly another sabotage operation of the CCP. Yet the CCP didn’t stop there, on February 4th, the tires of the vehicle used to carry fellow fighters to protesting site were burst for no reason in the basement parking lot. On February 5th, the roof of the 15th floor of the hotel, where the fellow fighters were resting, suddenly developed a massive leak. To stop the NFSC fellow fighters from protesting against the CCP’s infiltration, the transnational criminal organization CCP has demonstrated its evil nature through hacking and sabotaging. But it won’t stop the determination and practice of fellow fighters to destroy the CCP.

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