NATO Urges Russia To Comply with New START

Foreign media reported that while the West and Russia tension soar over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States accused Russia of failing to comply with its responsibilities under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) signed by the two countries, prohibiting the United States from inspecting its nuclear facilities, and canceling negotiations. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) recently issued a statement urging Russia to abide by the treaty and allow inspectors to inspect military facilities.

 It is understood that the United States and Russia signed the New START in 2010, and it came into effect the following year, and the validity of the treaty was extended to February 4th, 2026. The content includes stipulating that the number of long-range nuclear warheads that both sides can deploy is 1,550, limiting the use of missiles that can carry atomic weapons and requiring supervisors from the other side to inspect relevant facilities as soon as they are notified. A 30-strong alliance led by the United States backs the treaty, arguing it will help limit the expansion of nuclear forces. Therefore, regarding Russia’s current behavior, the NATO ambassador pointed out in a statement that since August last year, Russia has suspended US inspections from exercising the supervision powers conferred by the treaty, making it impossible for the US to fully verify whether Russia complies with the treaty restrictions. To maintain international stability and security, they called on Russia to fulfill its treaty responsibilities, including allowing inspectors to enter Russian facilities and returning to the negotiating table where both the United States and Russia can negotiate.

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