CCP Has Deployed Military Facilities in Bahamas, Cuba, and Vessels Around The U.S.

Recently, a CCP spy balloon entered U.S. airspace and made its way across the U.S. for many days. Until the afternoon of February 4th, the spy balloon was taken down by an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile carried by an F-22 Raptor over the East U.S. Coast. The “spy balloon event” has created panic in U.S. society. However, Miles Guo pointed out in the Grand Live Broadcast on February 4th that spy balloons are not the biggest threat. What threatens the U.S. the most is that CCP has already deployed military facilities in the Bahamas and Cuba, the nearest countries to Key West in Florida. There are lots of U.S. submarines going underway at Key West. Besides, nearly all the CCP’s cargo vessels berth at Key West are platforms for launching military weapons. Those ships contain portable weapons that could launch attacks on the U.S. at any time. But due to the corruption of U.S. official agencies and the infiltration by CCP, the U.S. is not aware of its dangerous situation.

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