The Dialogue Between the Czech President-elect and Taiwan Angered Beijing

Taiwan media reported that Czech President-elect Petr Pavel had phone calls with Taiwan’s Foreign Minister and President Tsai Ing-wen on January 30 and 31 respectively, triggering dissatisfaction and protests from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) authorities. Czech former Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek added in a tweet that Taiwan will never belong to the CCP. After speaking with Tsai on the 31st, Pavel tweeted to thank Tsai for her congratulations and told her that Taiwan and the Czech share the values such as freedom, democracy and human rights, so he agreed to strengthen their partnership. After the CCP authorities expressed dissatisfaction with the call between Czech and Taiwan, Topolanek tweeted condemning the diplomatic methods of the CCP. He also tweeted that “how much longer do we have to play with the forced game on One China? Taiwan will never belong to (Communist) China, just as South Korea does not belong to North Korea and Ukraine does not belong to Russia”. He also attached a photo of Tsai. The Czech’s strict attitude against the CCP shows that the Czech is already moving in a direction of abandoning the One China principle self-claimed by the CCP.

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