CCP Promotes Study Program In Russia

According to media reports in Communist China, in 2023, the China Scholarship Council intends to select outstanding high school graduates from general senior high schools that offer Russian in Henan Province and sends them to Russia to study Russian through the Russian government scholarship channel. The Henan Provincial Department of Education announced on February 1 that in order to promote cultural exchanges between China and Russia, encourage more high school students to choose the Russian language, and train various professional talents for China-Russia cooperation, it has decided to launch a support program for outstanding high school graduates to study in Russia in 2023. After completing their undergraduate studies, they can apply to continue to study for a higher degree in Russia or return to Communist China for employment. The news triggered discussions on the Internet. Some people think that it is okay to study Russian for exchange in Russia. State-sponsored travel and learning of foreign languages have been banned as early as last year. The purpose of such unequal treatment is questionable. The Russian language is currently spoken mostly in the former Soviet republics. It is the eighth largest in the native-speaking population and the seventh in the list ranked by using population. As a result, it is not used as much internationally as English, with the exception of Russia, where it is used uniquely. In Communist China, political necessity takes precedence over practicality.

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