Miles New Song ‘Reminiscence’ Launched on iTunes

On January 31, 2023, Miles Guo’s latest EP (mini-album) “Reminiscence” was released on Gettr. The album contains 5 singles, and they are “Reminiscence of the Past”, “The Past Can Only Be Recalled DJ version,” “Orchid Flower”, “Don’t Pick the Wildflowers on the Roadside”, and “Orchid Flower Lo-Fi” version. In this latest mini-album, each song is rich in unique background and significance in taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and embroiled Miles’ understanding of music. For example, “Reminiscence of the Past” was originally a song that had been popular for over 50 years, but was given a new life by Miles. The lyrics have been re-written to give a taste of the hardships along the way of the journey to take down the CCP, but in a brighter and more hopeful manner. The song “Orchid Flower” was originally titled ” Orchid Flower, I Love You”. In this version covered by Miles, the lyrics are not revised and it is a trance genre dance song. The song also introduces some electro elements from 1980s, as well as some Chinese elements such as dizi, yangqin and erhu, and elements of percussion instruments from the Middle East and Africa. Each song is seasoned with a special and unique flavour for the members of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). The album is at the top of iTunes music charts in many countries such as New Zealand.

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