Beijing Wolf Warrior Diplomacy is Targeting Germany

In October of 2022, consular personnel in Communist China’s Consulate General in Manchester dragged a Chinese dissident into the Consulate and brutally beat the individual. This incident sparked widespread public outrage among British citizens. Afterwards, the UK government demanded members of the consulate involved in beating the dissident to surrender their diplomatic immunity and appear in court. However, Beijing responded by calling back the abusers to Communist China. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s propaganda arm touted the incident as a diplomatic victory on China’s social media. This is a typical example of the Communist regime’s Wolf Warrior Diplomacy. The incident in Britain is just one case. On January 31st, 2023, Germany’s Embassy posted on their Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, saying that the account will delete hostile comments, stressing freedom of speech and limits of the freedom. At the end of the post, the German Embassy asked Chinese Weibo users, that “can you criticize the Chinese government in the same style as you criticize Germany?” In recent days, Weibo account of the German Embassy received much criticism, mainly because of the post about the aftermath of NAZI Party. However, some Chinese Weibo users consider this as insinuation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In addition, Germany expressed their support of “white paper revolution” and elected a new hawk national defense minister in January, which added tension between the Communist regime and Germany. As a matter of fact, Germany has been supportive and generous to Chinese people and China’s development, while the CCP wants to destroy all that friendship simply to consolidate its rule.

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