Fellow Fighters Of NFSC Protest On Capitol Hill, Call For RICO Act To Prosecute CCP

On February 1, the fellow fighters of NFSC continued their 12th day of peaceful protest on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. against Paul Hastings LLP, O’Melveny & Myers LLP and their attorneys. These law firms and their attorneys have been in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party to prosecute Chinese dissidents on the U.S. soil.

Two fellow fighters were interviewed on site. One of them introduced and demanded the RICO Act as a tool to prosecute the CCP. The CCP is a giant transnational criminal organization and the U.S. government has publicly declared that the Chinese government has committed “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. Once CICO, the extended version of the RICO Act against the CCP, is formed, not only the CCP kleptocrats, but also every individual and organization tied to the CCP will face the justice.

The other stressed that our current campaigns against racial discrimination and judicial persecution against Chinese dissidents are aimed at promoting the implementation of the CICO Act. It is hoped that CICO will be used to bring the CCP to justice and those in collusion within the U.S. and wipe out the fear in the hearts of the Chinese population.

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