Collapse Of The CCP Henan Gang And Severe Financial Market Turmoil Caused By The CCP

In his Gettr post on February 1st, Miles Guo pointed out that domestically the Henan Gang of the CCP is collapsing after the arrest of Wenhai Yue.

Meanwhile, the recent intense fluctuations in the global financial markets are resulted by a series of operations of the CCP kleptocrats through their financial puppets. During his term as mayor of Zhoukou city, Yue had launched a funeral reform project with Xu Guang, the then Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, which sparked fierce controversy in the local area. After the project was suspended in an emergency, Yue resigned from his post in 2013 and entered a securities company and started money laundering for the CCP kleptocrats, especially the Henan gang.

After a decade, the corrupt official who dug up millions of ancestral tombs and angered the people is now in jail as deserved. The CCP’s Henan Gang who has close ties with Yue on financial crimes are crumbling apart under the party purge of Xi Jinping. On the other hand, Miles noted that in the past few days, due to a series of integrations authorized by the CCP, the financial market, especially the cryptocurrency market, has experienced a wave of turbulence, to create leverage for bargaining with the U.S..

But no matter how hard it tried, Beijing is difficult to escape from the investigation on COVID origin and accountability for distribution of the vaccine. Seizing the overseas massive assets of the CCP kleptocrats, including their families as economic compensation has become the next focus of work for the U.S. Congress and the White House.

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