EU Sends Warning to Communist China on Trade

According to reports on February 1st, the European Commission emphasized in the draft of the “Green Deal Industrial Plan” the importance of countering the impact of Communist China’s subsidies on clean technology manufacturing.

This draft aims to outline how Europe can maintain its position as a manufacturing hub for green products, such as electric vehicles, and counter multibillion-dollar subsidy programs in China and the United States. This EU draft document will insist that trade and competition in net zero industries must be fair, while detailing that some partners’ initiatives may have adverse effects. The draft plan states that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s subsidies have always been double that of the EU in terms of gross domestic product, with candidate investments worth $280 billion, distorting markets and consolidating China’s leadership in many technologies. According to the draft, “Europe and its partners must do more to combat the effects of these unfair subsidies and long-term market distortions”.

The European Commission will seek to expand the EU’s network of free trade agreements, establish a global partnership on key raw materials, and deploy trade defense measures. They will also use a foreign subsidy regulation that comes into force this month to investigate whether subsidies provided by the CCP affected the EU’s internal market. The draft additionally states that the EU will also work with partners to identify and address distortive subsidies along with unfair trade practices related to intellectual property theft or forced technology transfers from non-market economies such as China. Communist China advertises itself as an international pioneer, but never acts in accordance with international rules in all fields. However, the dictatorial communist regime without respect and observance for international rules and laws cannot represent China and the Chinese people.

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