Chinese Company’s Land Purchase Near Airforce Base Deemed ‘A Significant Threat To National Security

It was reported on January 31 , the mayor of Grand Forks, North Dakota stated to deny planning permission and refuse to connect industrial infrastructure to land near an airforce based bought by Fufeng Group Limited, a China-based food manufacturer. The U.S. Air Force (USAF) described the purchase of land in North Dakota by the Chinese company as “a significant threat to national security.” Chinese food manufacturer Fufeng Group Limited announced the purchase of 370 acres of land for a corn mill in 2021. The site is only 12 miles from Grand Forks Air Force Base. The local population and officials have gradually realized that this move may allow Communist China to closely monitor a very important military facility. Most recently, the U.S. Air Force called a Chinese company’s land purchase a “ threat ” in a letter to Senators. Gov. Doug Burgum said the Air Force letter finally gives the state clarity. He supports the City of Grand Forks in taking steps to halt the project with Fufeng Group Limited and will assist the city in finding another partner for a corn milling operation. Earlier, the Promoting Agricultural Security and Safety (PASS) Act was introduced for consideration by the U.S. Senate. It blacklists China, Russia, and other countries from investing in or acquiring any U.S. farmland or agribusiness. In addition, United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission(USCC), suggested in its May 2022 report that Chinese investments in U.S. agriculture are linked to the Communist China’s “food security crisis,” and that such investments pose risks to the U.S. economy and national security.

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