U.S. Air Force Chief Warns U.S. That China Could Go to War In 2025

On January 31st, sources said U.S. Air Force Commander Mike Minihan warned that the U.S. and China could go to war in 2025. On the same day, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Taiwanese government will do its best to thicken its self-defense capabilities and strengthen the Taiwan-U.S. security partnership to deter the CCP’s attempts to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. In response to Mike Minihan’s statement, on the 31st, when responding to questions from the media after attending the Joint Cabinet Handover Ceremony of the Executive Yuan, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu simply said, “I will explain later when I have the opportunity.” In an internal memo to the leadership of the 110,000 troops under his command, Mike Minihan, a four-star general and commander of the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command, warned that the U.S. fears a war with China over the Taiwan Strait in two years. Mike Minihan said the main goal should be to deter and, if necessary, defeat China, and that his gut tells him that the United States and China will be at war in 2025. Minihan urged U.S. forces to be fully prepared for combat. Douglas Yu-tien Hsu, Director of North America for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded at a regular Foreign Ministry meeting on January 31st that the U.S. and other Western countries are concerned about the CCP’s provocative actions and threats to democratic values. In addition to calling on all countries to continue to condemn the CCP, the Taiwanese government will do its best to build Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities, strengthen the Taiwan-U.S. security partnership, and work with all democratic countries to stop the CCP’s actions from changing the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. The democratic countries will work to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait along with the Indo-Pacific region.

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