The New Federal State Of China Must Be Ready To Protect The Chinese People

According to Miles Guo’s Gettr post on January 30th, several countries are set to investigate and freeze the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s assets overseas. In that light, the people of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) must be ready to protect the Chinese by making an effort to separate the Chinese from the communist regime, as well as the people of NFSC from the CCP members. This will be even more significant than previous evolutions of human civilization.

The world will no longer be living in friction stories, legends or empty hopes falsified by the CCP, but a real era of civilization where promises can be kept, where people feel more secure, and where the truth can be widely disseminated. The historical process of human science and technology has proven that imagination can lead to reality, forming an era of civilized technology, where civilization controls technology and technology serves civilization and the Gods.

The socialism represented by the CCP’s general secretary Xi Jinping, full of misery, oppression, and exile, is a totalitarian ideology that deprives its citizens of basic freedoms and human rights. The world has witnessed its genocide in Xinjiang, tyranny in mainland, de-civilization in Hong Kong, aggression against Taiwan and ambition to shape the world order with bribes, intimations and the CCP-virus (COVID-19). It will be tolerated no more and denounced around the globe. Miles revealed that not for long, the CCP will find itself encircled from all directions and it’s time to eliminate the CCP klepotocrats once and for all.

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