The CCP Conspiracy Behind The New Yorker

The New Yorker is an American intellectual and literary magazine covering comprehensive content, including American news, editorial commentary, fiction, literary criticism, satirical works, cartoons, and poetry. Founded in 1925 and published weekly, The New Yorker has readers worldwide.Though not exactly a news magazine, The New Yorker is characterized by its in-depth coverage of major American and international political and social events. According to third-party surveys, 77% of The New Yorker’s readers hold left-leaning political values. Traditionally, The New Yorker’s political leanings have generally been considered to be non-partisan and liberal. However, in recent years, some editorial articles published in the magazine have had an apparent partisan inclination. For example, in its October 13, 2008 issue, The New Yorker publicly endorsed Barack Obama on behalf of “all the editors.”

The New Yorker recently published an article targeting the Whistleblower Movement and Miles Guo. The report has two main implications: firstly, it slanders Miles as opposing vaccines; secondly, it slanders Miles as instigating the Capitol Hill protest on January 6, 2021. The article falsely describes Liu Zhihua’s robbery of Pangu’s land using his power as Miles’ grabbing land from the government and forcefully demanding building permits. And it avoids mentioning Miles being the cleanest and most law-abiding entrepreneur in Communist China, saying nothing about Miles’s injustice and nothing about the fact that Miles is the number one adversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


The New Yorker’s article looks very much like Hu Shuli’s Caixin magazine reports, many of which were directly adopted into the piece. The New Yorker and Hu Shu Li have a very close relationship, and they have one thing in common: they are both Wang Qishan’s running dogs and mouthpieces for the CCP, serving their joint masters. It is easy to understand why The New Yorker and Hu Shuli’s methods are so similar. Moreover, Hu Shuli and Liu Zhihua are very close personal friends, and slandering Miles is a way of taking revenge for Liu Zhihua, who is now in prison.


The New Yorker piece must have been prepared over a long period of time, with multiple interviews with multiple people, including the former US Ambassador to Beijing, former FBI and CIA officials, some former members of Congress, and people close to former President Trump. This would not have been possible without the full planning and support of the CCP, along with the sellouts and pro-CCP traitors of the US.


It is well known that Miles has had more than 60 vaccinations, so he does not oppose vaccines. Miles opposes the toxic CCP virus vaccine and the vaccine as a biochemical weapon implemented by the CCP. It has been proven that toxic vaccines have shown early signs of a disaster spreading and expanding. Miles once said publicly in a video that he was firmly against Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters joining the Capitol Hill protest and that he was firmly against and would not allow any of them to participate in the pro-Trump parade. Miles has maintained the principle of non-involvement in American politics from the past to the present.


The New Yorker’s report is not for Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters, nor the Chinese, but for the United States, for the American left, especially at the time point of upcoming US mid-term elections in November. The New Yorker’s upside-down reporting has only one purpose: to make the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China the most hated people by the American left.


The events of January 6 on Capitol Hill are a matter for the Americans themselves, and it is believed that eventually, the law in the US will bring it to a fair conclusion. The fact that no one in the NFSC was involved in the event is not to be smeared. Even the New Yorker admits that Miles is the most influential foreigner in the United States, which is precisely why the CCP fears Miles. That is why they colluded with the traitors to the United States to plan this confusing New Yorker story, listing Miles as a supporter of Trump and Bannon. They portrayed Miles as the mastermind behind the January 6 riots to stir up hatred toward the NFSC among the American left, divert the United States’ attention and relieve the pressure on the CCP.

The exposure of Adolf Hitler in World War II made The New Yorker, but this time the collusion with evil is bound to bury The New Yorker.

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