The G7 is Concerned About the Global Food Crisis, and Communist China is at a Loss

German Chancellor Scholz said at the G7 summit on June 27th, local time, that given the current global food crisis, especially in East Africa, the G7 hopes to work with the United Nations to promote Ukraine’s food exports, the China Economic Daily reported on the same day.

 The food issue is one of the main issues of this G7 summit, and the G7 hopes to avoid the risk of famine. According to a recent statement by the United Nations, the food supply situation in countries and regions such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia, is in relatively serious trouble. In 2022, up to 345 million people faced emergency levels of hunger around the world.

 Ukraine is a major exporter of grain, known as the granary of Europe, but it would not export too much food during wartime. Besides, the United Nations and the G7 have not yet taken the consideration the data in Communist China. Although there are 345 million people in the world at risk of hunger, Communist China has nearly 1 billion people in a food shortage crisis, three times the number in the world.

 With the extreme weather disaster in the north and south of Communist China, the outbreak of toxic vaccine disaster, economic decline, and the kidnapping of more than 1 billion people as slavers without aid from other countries, the situation in Communist China will be much worse than in Africa and other countries.

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