CCP’s Economic Unrestricted Warfare crushed -Binance under investigation

Focusing on the legality of Binance’s 2017 IPO and whether the sale of digital tokens violated securities rules, the SEC has filed multiple lawsuits in connection with the initial token offering.

On November 23, 2021, Mr Guo Wengui GTV Live revealed that Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng volunteered the private information of all Binance customers to the CCP, which includes not only Chinese customers but also all foreign customers. This action will bring unprecedented personal and property losses to these investors.

Numerous investors who committed around $2 million in Binance were arrested while leaving the country. Although it is not confirmed whether their arrests are directly connected with the Binance controversy, anyone with an account and investment has undoubtedly been betrayed by Zhao Changpeng.

Meanwhile, the official website of Binance has released the information request system (LERS) for the Chinese government and law enforcement agencies.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims the system will allow government law enforcement officials to submit information requests. Still, in reality, it will allow the CCP to “legally” access customer information.

However, the good news is that our New Federal State of China is ready to sue CEO Zhao Changpeng. Anyone who has done KYC in Binance or invested in Binance can sue Binance worldwide.

If an investor gets caught or has had cryptocurrency taken from Binance, this will be a big win. Binance and Tether are the CCP’s nukes against the US dollar, ready to bleed small shareholders when the US and China decouple. The New Federal State of China is gathering all the evidence to use Binance and Tether to find out the map of the CCP’s unrestricted economic warfare, and unrestricted legal warfare in the West.

Today’s investigation of Binance by the SEC proves the ability and execution of the New Federal State of China to exterminate the CCP. Our battle with the Communist Party is now burning hot, but we will win and win big.

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