Japan Unshackled, Military Power Expected To Upsurge

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who has vowed to significantly increase Japan’s defense spending, said Tuesday, June 21, that there is no specific numerical target for that spending. In other words, there is no limit.

In lieu of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korea’s missile tests, and an even more threatening Communist China, tensions have grown in Asia, and Kishida is determined to fundamentally strengthen Japan’s defense within five years.

When asked during a debate among party leaders how much he plans to increase Japan’s defense spending by and how he will finance the increase, Kishida said there was no numerical target.

“We never discussed numerical targets (at the summit) …… I’ve been proposing to build the necessary defensive capabilities within five years, while keeping a close eye on what is happening in other countries.” Kishida said.

The Yen has slumped to a 20-year low against the dollar in recent weeks, pushing up the costs of imported goods and putting upward pressure on purchasing costs. As no further national elections need be held in the next three years, a substantial Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) victory will free Mr. Kishida to address policy issues ranging from a weaker Yen to revising the war-renouncing constitution.

Japan’s military capability is certainly nothing to scoff at, with weapons manufacturing technology 100 years more advanced than Communist China. Although it was prohibited from having an army due to its defeat in World War II, because of the various types of unrestricted warfare launched by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) against the world, the United States has allowed Japan to strengthen its military capabilities, with the aim of suppressing the evil forces (CCP, Russia and North Korea). Japan’s military power will see a meteoric rise, and the “Self-Defense Forces” may become history.

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