CCP Schemes to Stabilize the Real Estate Market

Since the Central committee of Chines Communist Party (CCP) ordered the stabilization of the real estate market, many places in the CCP have created schemes to encourage people to buy houses. On June 7th, the Xuejiadao Sub-district Office, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province issued the “notice on promoting residents to buy new commercial housing,” requiring that by the end of June, each cooperative should complete no less than 2 new commercial housing signed online. Each community is responsible for taking the lead in summarizing and reporting the residents’ willingness to buy a house in a timely manner.

The “Notice” also requires, “Anyone who refuses to buy a house maliciously, and if they find out that there is a huge deposit in the bank, will be reminded to talk.” For the team who cooperated to reach the goal, they will get a bonus. And the specific assessment measures will be formulated separately.

According to the report, the staff of Xuejiadao Street Office confirmed the case on the 18th. The news about “do not buy a house with malice” has been taken down by the network administrator after the Chinese community caused heated rumors and ridicule among social media.

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