G7 and NATO Leaders to Increase Pressure on Russia and China

Leaders from the Group of Severn (G-7) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will meet next week to work out new ways to increase pressure on Russia while emphasizing their continued concerns about the behavior of Communist China, Reuters reported.

According to officials, the inclusion of leaders of Australia, Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand in the NATO summit is aimed at showing that the war in Ukraine has not detracted Western attention from Communist China.

The G7 leaders are also expected to consider the economic actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has behaved more aggressively in recent years, a Biden administration official said.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has galvanized our partnerships around the world,” another source said, “It’s also showing how Ukraine is not causing us to take our eye off the ball on China. In fact, quite the opposite.”

A White House spokesman said NATO leaders will take a new strategic concept to address the threats posed by Russia and Communist China. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy will also address the conference twice online.

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