Austria Fully Drops CCP Virus Vaccine Mandate

On June 22, the Austrian government called off the national application of the CCP virus vaccine mandate. In Feb, Austria became the first country to pass the vaccine mandate for the full adult population among the EU countries, but the legislation was suspended in Mar due to controversies.

Austria’s health minister, Johannes Rauch, said that since infections with the now-dominant strain tended to be milder and vaccines appeared less effective at preventing infection, it had become harder to convince people to get their first injection. “The vaccine mandate won’t convince anyone to get vaccinated”, he said, pointing to studies showing that those already skeptical of vaccines had not been swayed by the threat of fines.

It was in Feb, the upper house of the Austrian parliament, the Bundesrat, voted 47-12 in favor of a general vaccination mandate, which formally approved a law that will fine those over the age of 18 who refuse the “vaccination” up to 3,600 euros, unless they are pregnant or severely ill. The Austrian government even created a “Covid lottery” with €500 prizes to woo vaccine hesitancy at the time. It was reported that the vaccine mandate and the debate around the vaccine mandate have opened up “deep rifts” in Austria’s society. 

Shortly after the mandate was enforced, a growing number of Austrian politicians expressed their withholding position towards it. On 7 April, the Bundestag rejected a general vaccine mandate by 378 to 296 votes.

Until June 22, around 74% of Austria’s adult population is vaccinated against the CCP virus, with a total dose of 18.4 million nationwide.

According to an analytical data report, the number of the daily confirmed case was 46000 around mid-Mar, which dropped to the historical lowest of 1856 at the end of May; currently, the newly confirmed cases is seen increasing gradually and reaching five to seven thousand daily; that is consistent to the intelligence-based “prediction” made by the Whistleblower Movement, which is that the outbreak of the adverse reaction of the CCP virus vaccine starts in May.

Previously, Miles Guo also mentioned that in no time, many countries will start to cancel the CCP virus vaccine mandate due to the tremendous adverse reactions and deaths happening to the vast “vaccinated” population around the globe.

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