What is SADS?

Healthy young people are being killed by vile poison in the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is a new medical name to describe unexpected deaths in healthy young people. A new coverup has revealed that Sudden Adult death syndrome (SADS) is caused by the vaccination.

It causes serious blood clots and autopsy results have shown blood clots removed from the deceased have an unusually high content of calcium and iron.

It is alleged that the COVID-19 Vaccine causes a ‘spike protein in the lower cardio system, which, over a period of time forms blood clots in some people under 40 years of age. The blood clots become bigger, gradually moving up the body, eventually stopping the blood flow to the brain and consequently causing death. They just die.

Some people have experienced their fingers tingling with the blood supply not reaching the end of their fingers. Eric Clapton (a British singer) experienced this after he had the vaccination. Google what happened to Clapton after having the Vaccination. There are millions of people experiencing this and other symptoms.

We’ve been told that anyone of any age, even if they look healthy, can be at risk, but no distinction is made between people who have had the injections and people who have left their natural immune systems alone, which is the real secret. we urge you to wake up. Do your own research, and be responsible for your own life. We recommend independent media for further information, it will enlighten you.

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