29 military planes intrude into Taiwan’s airspace in a single day, the third most this year

The Taiwan Defence Minister announced on the 21st that 29 Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s military aircraft had intruded Taiwan’s southwest airspace. The Taiwanese military dispatch air patrol troops to respond, issued radio warning and sent anti-aircraft missiles to track and monitor the situation.

According to the real-time military news released by the Ministry of National Defense, the 29 PLA aircraft that broke into the airspace included: one Yun-9 aircraft, one Y-8 aircraft, six Xian H-6 aircraft, one fuel transporting Y-20 aircraft, two KJ-500 aircraft, one Yun-8 anti-submarine aircraft, five J-11 fighter, eight J-16 and four Su-30 aircraft. Eight military planes, including the “Yun-9” communication countermeasures, “Yun-8” electric reconnaissance aircraft and six “Xian-H6” bombers, flew through the southwest of Taiwan to the southeast and then turned back.

According to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan, the highest number of CCP military aircraft intruding into Taiwan’s airspace identification zone on a single day this year was 38 on January 28, the second highest was 30 on May 30, and this time (29) is the third highest this year.

In addition, according to statistics, the total number of intrusions by CCP military aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace has reached 492 so far this year.

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