Israeli Firm Invents a Wall-Piercing Radar

According to media reports, recently, an Israeli company called Camera-Tech invented an induction radar with a through-wall viewing function. Through the radar screen, users can observe the person or static living body through the wall or obstacle.

Named Xaver1000, the sensor of the radar’s imaging system uses artificial intelligence, real-time target tracking algorithms, with three-dimensional readings. The new radar can detect up to 42 objects behind walls or obstacles within a meter of people or static living organisms. It can determine the height of the object if the object is an adult, a child, or other animals. It can also detect a static living entity in a crowded environment and measure its sensitivity. The radar device is also straightforward to use. The user only needs to use a three-foot set on one side of the wall or obstacle and can operate/observe objects on the other side through a 10.1-inch touch screen.

The radar has applications for military use, law enforcement, intelligence units, and search and rescue teams. There are a variety of situations for its use, including natural disasters and harsh urban environments. With new features and convenient ways to use it, this new device may completely change the face of wars and disasters in modern cities.

Today, seeing through walls will no longer be a part of mythology, fiction, or movie characters.

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