The Swamp Believes NFSC Is the Greatest Force Under the Sun

On June 22nd, Miles Guo told fellow fighters in the Grand Live broadcast that the deep state believes that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is the greatest force under the sun. The greatest strength of the NFSC is youth, transparency, and everything under the sun.

The Swamp pointed out that Miles Guo changed the people of NFSC. Miles Guo turned the fears of the fellow fighters into hope, young people into wealth, doubts into firmness, self-cowardice into (confident) role models, poverty into capital and selfishness into responsibility.

The Swamp thinks that they can’t stand the sun, and they’re old, they all have a history. Everything they have will be given back to the world, nothing really belongs to them, and NFSC is creating for others.

Miles Guo said that after hearing these words, he felt as if he had been electrocuted, he pointed out that everything in the NFSC could stand up to the scrutiny of others and be viewed with a magnifying glass. NFSC will never do anything shady, anything that can’t be exposed in the sun. In front of the ability of the sun, the power and future of science and technology, the NFSC’s people (all G|Clubs members are members of the NFSC, and the NFSC is G|Clubs) are the sunshine power of the future of the NFSC. Comparing the power of sunlight with the swamp, human beings will definitely not choose the swamp, but must choose the power of sunlight, we also call the power of sunlight the power of eternity! 

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