CCP Hackers Attack Major Global Telecommunication Companies

On June 20th, the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) cyberattacks on the United States have continued. The U.S. believes the hackers are acting on behalf of the CCP. The U.S. security agencies have warned that CCP hackers have attacked major telecommunication companies around the world.

Cybersecurity personnel realize that CCP-backed hacking of major telecommunications companies around the world confirmed how countries around the globe rely on cyber warfare for political gain.

The CCP has conducted more cyberattacks than all nations in the world combined as the CCP will use cyber warfare to get what they want. The recent friction between the U.S. and Communist China over Taiwan was a key aspect of the CCP’s knowledge of this attack.

The telecommunication industry is built in such a way that it is overly dependent on partners and carriers, which makes it easier for CCP hackers to compromise multiple systems connected to it.

The impact on the entire industry and consumers can be enormous if a telecommunications company is targeted for a cyber-attack. The telecommunications industry and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should prioritize operational technology security and complete trust in their efforts to fight back.

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