CCP Arranges Veterans to Teach in Primary and Secondary Schools, Poisoning the Next Generation

The Communist China’s three departments including the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently jointly issued the “Opinions on Promoting Outstanding Veterans to Teach in Primary and Secondary Schools” to the public.

The “Opinions” underlines that veterans have uncompromising political beliefs, strong mission and responsibilities, excellent work style and literacy, and have teaching potentiality. Hence, they are an important force for filling up the teacher roles of primary and secondary schools.

It is required to establish and improve the robust working mechanism on all localities for promoting outstanding veterans to teach in primary and secondary schools, design and link all aspects of selection, training, employment, development, supervise and inspect regularly. The results of the inspection will be used as an important reference basis for evaluating the fulfillment of education, veterans’ responsibilities and implementing achievements awards for schools, evaluation of excellence, and other aspects.

In World War II, an opponent said to Hitler: I will not be on your side. Hitler’s reply was: Your children already belong to us, and your offsprings are already on our side. This conversation seemed resounding again and sending shivers down the back. Our forefathers may have been deceived or coerced into making decisions that allowed the CCP to take power. I didn’t expect to scourge generations of our young people, leaving them no independent thought, blinded and spiritually poor.

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