The CCP Wants to Use War to Resolve its Internal and External Crises

On June 12th, 2022, Miles Guo said in a live broadcast that Xi Jinping would invade Taiwan in two ways: blockade and nuclear strike, but it would certainly not be successful in the end.

Based on what Miles Guo knows about Xi Jinping, if there is no master to guide Xi, Xi Jinping will definitely invade Taiwan. There are only two ways for him to attack Taiwan, the first is to blockade Taiwan, and the second is to attack Taiwan in a destructive way, using quick strikes and encirclement. If this is the case, it will be impossible for the United States to eliminate the CCP in three minutes, and it will only change to engage in a long-term battle at sea, which will drag down the world economy at last.

The CCP wants to drag down the economies of Taiwan and the United States and then drag down the whole world’s economy for the RMB era. In addition, the CCP wants to use the war to divert attention from solving the problem of widespread human deaths caused by the vaccine disaster. Therefore, a war can solve internal and external political issues for the CCP to deploy its long-term financial strategies.

Secondly, if the United States eliminates the CCP or its military facilities, the CCP is likely to use nuclear force. Miles Guo believes that the probability of the CCP’s success is zero.

For now, it is unlikely that the three-minute rapid war will break out in Taiwan, but no matter which way the CCP uses, it will not be able to escape the fate of being wiped out in the end.

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