Hundreds Gather in Vancouver to Mark the Third Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Protests

It is reported that on June 12, to commemorate the third anniversary of Hong Kong’s anti-extradition protests, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Vancouver that day to hold protests against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s brutal suppression of Hong Kong’s democracy.

The participants reenacted scenes from a June 12, 2019, confrontation between the Hong Kong Communist Party police and protesters, with participants dressed in riot police helmets using batons against participants holding umbrellas.

The person in charge of the event said the protest rally held in Vancouver was just one of many similar commemorative events held worldwide that day. It aimed to help people recognize the evil nature of the CCP’s totalitarianism and inform them about the crimes committed by Xi Jinping’s authorities in Hong Kong. He hoped that Hong Kong people could regain their freedom from the dictatorship of the CCP as soon as possible.

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