Canadian MPs Propose Sanctions on Chinese Officials, Media

Philip Lawrence, a Canadian Member of Parliament (MP), recently proposed a human rights bill pushing the government to impose effective sanctions on human rights violators such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The bill would require the Minister of Foreign Affairs to respond within 40 days to a request by the Parliamentary Committee to implement sanctions put forward by the Global Magnitsky Act.

The International Human Rights Act (Bill C-281) includes specific measures that will require the Minister of Foreign Affairs to publish reports that include a list of prisoners of conscience that the Canadian government is actively seeking to release. It will also prohibit the issuance of broadcasting licenses to foreign entities that have committed genocide or are under sanctions by the Global Magnitsky Act.

Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said the bill would help ensure that the foreign entities involved in genocide could “no longer take advantage of Canadian airwaves to broadcast hateful, violent messages through state-controlled media into Canada.”

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