U.S. pathologist said the side effects of Covid vaccine are like nuclear bomb

In an interview with Bright Light News at the World Council for Health Improvement meeting on June 4, American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole said that everyone has heard of myocarditis, but what people don’t know is, lipid nanoparticles plus modified genetic sequences are nuclear bombs. This is not only because the CCP virus (aka Covid-19) vaccine is dangerous to the human body, but also because of lipid nanoparticles and gene sequence platforms that have never been proven before.

Cole likens this lipid nanoparticle platform to garlic, which can travel to anywhere inside the body once we implant it in our arm. Because of this, it damages the brain, which leads to immunosuppression and increases cancer rate. Cole is particularly focused on the spike protein mechanism of messenger RNA, which has been linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to breastfeeding children and fertility.

Cole said the vaccines were never safe during pregnancy and will never be safe in the future. Efforts to vaccinate mothers and children are irresponsible and a crime against humanity.

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