UN Human Rights Chief Admitted Her Trip to Xinjiang Faced Restrictions

United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet said on June 15th that she was unable to visit the detained Uyghurs and their families during her visit to Xinjiang. And she was accompanied by officials from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) throughout the trip, resulting in varying degrees of restrictions on her visit.

According to related news reports, Bachelet spoke at the 50th Human Rights Council that during her visit to Xinjiang, she wasn’t able to talk to any currently detained Uyghurs or their families. The entire itinerary was subject to various restrictions, especially under the pandemic situation, and was almost entirely carried out in a closed-loop state.

Bachelet said the CCP government helped her meet with relevant agencies she requested, including senior members of key ministries, the judiciary, business, academia, and other relevant stakeholders. She also reiterated her visit to Xinjiang was not an investigation.

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