Health Code Becomes A Tool For The CCP to Maintain Stability

On June 14th, domestic media under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reported that the victimized depositors of four village banks in Henan were planning to defend their rights and solve their problems. Regardless of whether they had been to Zhengzhou or not, as long as the depositors scanned the “health code” in Henan, they would be given a “red code” while the “health code” of non-depositors who traveled to Zhengzhou were not affected.

Prior to departing, these depositors conducted PCR test 48 hours at their origin location. But when they arrived in Zhengzhou and scanned the health code, the status has changed to “red code and negative,” “reasons of status changed,” “inbound personnel who are undergoing quarantine observation” and etc.

There were also users reflecting the situation on Zhihu that depositors of these community banks reported to Zhengzhou before, their health code status will turn to red. Some depositors originally had a green code in Jiangsu, but after scanning in Henan, the code became red.

On the morning of June 14th, hundreds of residents from Beijing, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, Suzhou, Loudi of Hunan, Liaocheng of Shandong, and other places across the country reported that they also encountered the strange event that health code had turned red.
A medical and health hotline in Zhengzhou responded to a depositor’s request for changing the health code status on the morning of June 14th, saying that the hotline had received a lot of calls from citizens about the problem of the community banks, and there is n way to solve it. They don’t know which department amended the health code status and if there is any problem, they can complain directly to the State Council’s platform.

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