Blood Clots Found in Vaccinated Deceased Body

In May, the U.S. FDA has admitted that the CCP virus vaccine causes blood clots. There are growing evidences show that complete vaccination and booster injections can cause blood clots in the individual’s vascular system and lead to death.

Dr. Sanjay Verma who is a cardiologist practicing in California who treats hundreds of patients each month found dozens of patients suffer from heart complications and blood clots related to the CCP virus vaccine. He said that there were only a handful of patients with heart complications and blood clots each year before the pandemic
Greg Reese who is an independent news media InfoWars reporter stated that there are blood clots with small crystals and extremely small lines found in autopsies of the vaccinated deceased, the structure is like reptilian scales. Many embalmers, morticians and others who perform post-mortem work have seen severe blood clots in the bodies of vaccinated deceased.

Reese stresses that most of the discoveries about the biological structure of these coagulants have been related to the fatal side effects of giving experimental vaccines, while all insiders are remaining silent. Currently, those mainstream medias only blame it on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). The FDA committee also has voted recently to approve the use of the Moderna and Pfizer CCP virus vaccines for six-month-old to five-year-old children.

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