World Reaches a Consensus on Destroying the CCP

On June 12th, 2022, Miles Guo said in his Grand Live Broadcast that the whole world reached a consensus during an important meeting he attended on the 11th, which states that if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not eliminated, no one will be able to survive, and anyone who does not join in taking down the CCP may be wiped out.

Mr. Guo added that the way to be eliminated by the CCP may not be a war, but unrestricted legal, economic, information, or biological warfare, and finally unrestricted vaccine warfare, which is the gravest threat the CCP poses to mankind.

In addition, at an encrypted video conference attended by Mr. Guo on June 10th, some person of unknown nationality from the Ministry of National Defense, made a meaningful statement that nobody is right with regard to the threat of the CCP to the world, and the only person around the globe who can understand the ambitions, strategies, and all the ideas of the CCP is Mr. Miles Guo.

Mr. Guo revealed that the meeting between Lloyd Austin and Wei Fenghe shows that the CCP is absolutely vicious, but it is now very frightened and trembling. In the end, the CCP will definitely go from bluffing to real fighting. Mr. Guo believes that this is the last shout of the CCP, which benefits best to the cause of the Whistleblower Movement, and destroying the CCP. People all over the world will clearly see that the CCP is really finished in the end.

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