The CCP Is the Root Cause of All Crises

Miles Guo has repeatedly warned that the world will gradually and truly feel the coming of darkness, starting from May this year. On June 13th, Miles posted a short video on GETTR with a text, saying that since May, the trend of the world economy and financial markets has been completely in line with the accurate judgments made by Miles and the Whistleblower Movement based on intelligence in the past few years, which fully confirms that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s unrestricted warfare on the world economy has begun.

The upcoming world crisis is unprecedented, and will be more serious than any other one in history. Not only must we face all financial risks, financial collapses, unemployment, wars, and the breakdown of production and trade chains, but also a man-made CCP virus vaccine disaster. Many people have not yet recognized that all these global credit risks, and financial collapses are a trap set up by the CCP.

Miles also mentioned that the price of oil will go up and down, reminding his fellow fighters not to speculate. The consequences of short-term speculation will be to pay for all their futures and various financial products related to oil, and finally fail badly. Only the New Federal State of China, and the G-series are prospering day after day, while the CCP is declining day after day until its demise.

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