Shocking! There Are 220 Million People in Communist China Whose Monthly Income Is Less Than RMB 500

According to CCP China media, a study by China International Capital Corporation (CICC) found that 220 million people in China earn less than RMB500 a month.

According to several CCP China media reports, including NetEase, CICC divides the per capita monthly income of China’s 1.4 billion people into 11 levels based on households, including:

There are 5.46 million people with no monthly income; 215.89 million with RMB0-500 monthly income; 202.03 million with RMB500-800 monthly income; and 124.04 million with RMB800-1000 monthly income.

Based on this calculation, 220 million people in Communist China have a monthly income of less than RMB500; about 550 million people have a monthly income of less than RMB1,000. This figure is basically in line with CCP Premier Li Keqiang’s previous statement at the National People’s Congress press conference that “600 million people earn less than RMB1,000 a month”.

Research data from CICC also shows that there are only 7.84 million people in CCP China with a monthly income of RMB10,000–20,000 and only 700,000 people with a monthly income of more than RMB20,000.

China has become the world’s second-largest economy since 2010, boasting a per capita GDP of more than US $10,000. While shouting “great my country”, the ordinary income of ordinary people is so pitiful! Under the CCP’s rule, the “nation is rich” and the people are poor—to be precise, the country is not rich either. All the wealth of the CCP has been appropriated by a very small number of “thieves” in the ruling class of the CCP.

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