Ukrainian Snipers Killed an Infamous Russian Wagner Group Mercenary

A Russian mercenary, notorious for the massacre of prisoners of war and civilians in Donbas, was killed fighting in Ukraine.
Vladimir Andonov, a member of the Russian Wagner Group mercenaries known as “Executioners” for their massacre of prisoners of war, was reportedly killed by a Ukrainian sniper in the latest blow. He was dubbed the “Executioner” by Ukrainians, who accused him of being involved in the massacre of prisoners of war in Logvinovo in Donbass in 2015.
Russian media said Ukrainian snipers killed Vladimir Andronovo on June 5th while on a night mission near Kharkiv. Andronovo, 44, was an expert in sabotage and reconnaissance as part of the Shadow Wagner Group.
After coming to the region, Andronovo was called “Vakha” or “volunteer from Buryatia” by Russians. But for the Ukrainian, he was the “Executioner” because of the massacre he helped carry out during Russia’s first invasion of the country in 2014.
In early 2015 he was a member of one of the combat units in the “liberation” battle in the town of Lovinovo in Donbas. Three Ukrainian prisoners were found executed in a shallow grave, including one shot in the eye.
Andronovo boasted to Russian media about the mission, including how he instructed troops to “destroy all enemy forces” and leave “no survivors.”

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