The Lying-flat Coin and Himalaya Coin are Communist-free and will be Circulated Legally in the World

In the Grand Live Broadcast on June 10, Miles Guo mentioned three unanswerable questions for Zhao Changpeng, Chairman of Binance, the purpose of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in creating the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), and the future of the Himalaya Coin and Lying-flat Coin.

Mr. Guo repeated that Binance is the consequence of collusion with the CCP and is solely a tool for crimes and money laundering. Binance has no legal licence or headquarters; it has fake data, fake information, fake blockchain, fake intelligence and fake background. Zhao Changpeng, the Chairman of Binance, is unable to answer some questions.

First, Binance’s legal license.

Second, how many people in China have opened accounts with Binance? What is the connection between the CCP’s intelligence and Zhao Changpeng? How much money did he hide for the CCP? In particular, how much money was involved in fentanyl drugs and dark web trading, and where did that money go? Third, who were all the people who didn’t do KYC in Binance in the past? Zhao Changpeng said that only 200 million Binance Coins were issued; how many Binance Coins were issued in the end? Where did all these Binance Coins go?

Mr. Guo revealed that Zhao Changpeng issued a total of 2 billion Binance Coins and said he could see you in court if you didn’t believe it. In addition, Mr. Guo said that the CCP controls Luna, STEPN and a bunch of other tokens. Huobi, Thaicoin, Binance Coins and 20 other coins that promote BSN are all scammers who do not disclose their public blockchain encryptions and data, and the CCP wants to create BSN to hide the foul play they play from the world.

On the contrast, Lying-flat Coin and Himalaya Coins have two chains, one for the public chain and the other for the private chain. Mr. Guo believes that these two types of coins, which have no ties to the CCP and are fully verifiable, will circulate legally around the world.

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