Members of NFSC Should Spread Truth about Vaccine Disaster

In the Grand Live broadcast on June 6, Miles Guo pointed out two things that we the members of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) should do currently as the vaccine disaster is unfolding.

Miles Guo firstly analyzed the current status of the entire vaccine disaster. On the one hand, there is the numbness, ignorance, and fluke of the ordinary people to the truth. On the other hand, just like the various large disasters recorded in different religions of human society, it was a small group of humans who thought they could represent God and used the virus released by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the subsequent vaccine, a complete biological weapon, as a chain of attack to achieve the goal of keeping everyone at home. By brutalizing the majority of humanity, especially to get rid of the elderly who they believe are no longer valuable to society, to solve the post-World War II world financial bubble that was the product of a Ponzi scheme. At the same time, they plan to continue to enslave the rest of humanity.

Miles further said that when the virus outbreak and vaccination appeared out of the ordinary, all health agencies, regulators, media sectors, and the government were silent, indicating that the complete chain of virus and vaccine attacks was premeditated. There are now only two types of vaccines in the world, a western vaccine for the mRNA that causes heart attacks and a vaccine for the CCP inactivated virus that causes leukemia and cancer. Both of these vaccines end up severely reducing the body’s own immunity, so most of those who receive them develop AIDS-like symptoms such as measles.

Finally, Miles Guo said when faced with the vaccine disaster, the New Chinese of NFSC need to learn how to let go and accept it. Don’t punish yourself with the mistakes of those who were vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccines, and don’t feel guilty for not being able to rescue more people. At the same time, we, as the New Chinese of NFSC, should seriously spread the truth. Don’t give up spreading the truth so easily just because others believe it or not, or have symptoms or not.

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