Chinese People Deserve to Enjoy Their Hard-Earned Wealth

During the Grand Live broadcast on June 10th, Miles Guo said that the paramount importance of the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 4th was to demonstrate to the world, especially to CCP and ordinary people in Communist China, that Chinese people should have the unalienable right to enjoy their own fortune.

Mr. Guo pointed out one of CCP’s means to enslave the 1.4 billion population was to deprive Chinese citizens of their natural rights to enjoy their own wealth, not only provoking people’s envy and hatred towards the wealthy around them, but also asking the people to express their gratitude towards CCP for whatever they obtained.

Mr. Guo emphasized that one of the pivotal roles that the celebration of the NFSC’s 2nd anniversary played was to show all the audiences through the NFSC’s G-series and every participating fellow fighter that Chinese people could live a better life without CCP. Since 2014, Miles, who haven’t taken a penny out of Communist China, led the Whistleblower Movement, established the NFSC, kept countless fellow fighters away from the CCP virus vaccine, created G-Fashion and HCoin and demonstrated the decent, enthusiastic, and adorable Chinese people. All of these were not granted by CCP.

Finally, Mr. Guo concluded that every penny spent at the ceremony was not funded by CCP, while the honest efforts made by each fellow fighter on the spot were spontaneous, heartfelt, and coerced by no one else, suggesting that Chinese people could live a more splendid, more dignified, and more comfortable life after the demise of CCP. Consequently, taking down CCP was critical to the bright future of Chinese people and the world.

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