Department of Commerce Imposes Export Bans on American Companies Which Provide Endangered National Security Material

On June 8th, the U.S. Department of Commerce said three American companies have been imposed the export bans due to privately provide Communist China with material endangered national security.

According to a source, the U.S. Department of Commerce yesterday had imposed a 180-day ban on export privileges of three American companies: Quicksilver Manufacturing Incji, Rapid Cutt LLC and U.S. Prototype Inc.. The Department of Commerce said, these 3 companies received technical drawing and blueprints from American customers and sent it to the CCP’s manufacturer without authorization. The material covers the use of 3-D print technology to manufacture satellite, rocket, related prototypes and others. The authority also mentioned that the 180-day ban on export privileges can be extended after the end of the period.

In respond to this, the Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Matthew Axelrod said, “By sending their customers’ technical drawings and blueprints to China, these companies may have saved a few bucks, but they did so at the collective expense of protecting U.S. military technology.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce hasn’t disclosed the companies that have connections to the three American companies.

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